CFA Champion & Grand Europe Champion
International Premior &
Owner of the RVDE-Quality Seal
Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance

(*10.03.2004 - †27.06.2016)


CFA CH/GEC/IP Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance

CFA Champion /
 Grand Europe Champion /
International Premior
RVDE-Quality Seal

Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance
(CFA Grandpointed)


PKD1 DNA negative / Laboklin Germany

Pedigree as PDF

CFA-Champion on 16th January 2005 in Rheinberg / Germany

Best of Breed or Division

Second Best of Breed or Division



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Best Color


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9th Dezember 2006: Owner of the RVDE-Quality Seal 


Estagel Candygirl, a (black)‑tortie‑smoke Pesian female, was born on 10th March 2004. With 4,5 months she drew into the realm of the gentlemen.

7 weeks old

Her mother, Europa Champion Esprit de Estagel, is a black-smoke Persian female. The father, Grand International Champion Palazzo‑Cats Mystery Man of Estagel, is a red Persian male.

Moses und Blue Ice were not astonished badly as Candy with them drew in. They sat only there, and tried them at to sniff. Candy did not please that at all, she began to growl and spit. After one night she calmed down and the males may with it play. Blue Ice may she deseam.

4,5 months old

Candy is a really eddy wind. She has to constantly tell possibly something and keeps Moses and Blue Ice completely beautiful on the trot.

Best in Show / BabyKlasse
EVBL e.V. Lünen/Germany
Best in Show / 3-6 months
Babyclass V1

Best in Show, 6 months
BPK e.V. Stadthagen/Germany
Best in Show / 6-9 months
6 months old

BIS Specialshow persians 7,5 month old
Best in Show
Special show Persian
/6-9 months
RVDE e.V. 10/2004 in Hettstedt/Germany
7,5 months old

Candy weighs now with 9 months 3,6 kg. Blue Ice and Candy became already a really couple, Moses is her play companion. Already for a long time we observe that Candy sees dearest animal films. TV news however she finds totally boring.

Estagel Candygirl 1. CFA-Show in Rheinberg/Germany
CFA-Champion on 16th January 2005 / 10 months

Ring 4 - Mary Auth
Second Best of Breed or Division

Our Candy got to May 27th 2005 its first babies. She was a very good mother. Now in the winter it shows a very good tortie-smoke.
1 year 9 months old

CFA-Show Rheinberg/Germany
1 year and 10 months old

28./29.01.2006 in Buchholz/Germany
1 year 10,5 months old

LIR e.V. Bruchhausen-Vilsen/Germany

2 years old
1x Special Award
2x nominated for Best in Show

BPK e.V. Stadthagen/Germany
2 years and 1,5 months old

1x Best Variety
2x nominated and 2x Best in Show
Best of Best

RVDE e.V. in Oldenburg/Germany
18./19. November 2006 / 2 years 8,5 months old

2x Points for the RVDE Quality Seal
nominated for Best in Show

RVDE e.V. Buxtehude/Germany  -  8.12.2007
3 years 9,5 months old
nominated and Best in Show

3 years 10 months old
3 years and 10 months old

Best in Show
Dansk RVDE - 12.4.2008
Tønder / Danmark

4 years and 1 months old

nominated for Best in Show
Best in Show

CFA-Show Kassel/Germany
05./06. January 2010 / 5 years and 9 months

6x Best Color
6x First Place

Thanks Patrik & Malin for the pictures!!

IRCC e.V. - Hamburg/Germany
20.02.2010 / 5 years and 11 months old
nominated for Best in Show
Best in Show
Thanks Olga Gendler for the pictures

Felidae e.V. - Kiel/Germany
27.11.2010 / 6 years and 8,5 months old

nominated and Best in Show
Best Variety

HEKC - 11/12.12.2010
6 years and 9 months

Special Award
She is now Grand Europe Champion!!!

After long time again of show!! She was very lovely and the oldest cat of show!!

Felidae e.V. Bremen/Germany - 07./08.12.2013
9 years and 9 months old

1x Best Variety
2x Special Award
4x nominated for Best in Show
2x Best in Show

Our Candy will in March 2014 10 years old
Pictures are from 28.12.2013

Felidae e.V. / Hannover - Germany

We thanks Hanna und Petra Wiegand (Cattery Estagel) for this beautiful Persian girl. She was closed by us all, also by our males, immediately in the heart.



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