For ever ...

Our lovely children, you are forever in our hearts.

It is said, that there are fairies
which eventually stroll into their existence on earth,
only for a short time;
they come to people who have sadness in their heart,
they take the tears from each heart
and spread happiness and love, constantly.
They will remain so until the heart
beat in the same rhythm and the souls are connected,
Therefore, the purring creatures in this world behold
deep into the eyes
and you will see fairy dust in them;
in all eyes of the cats.
(Romama Schneider, translated by Simone Mader)

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CFA PR/WP By Sullivans Moses of Silverdance
By Sullivans Moses of Silverdance

Our Moses came to us as a pet,
after we had to let go our Moritz.
Moses was for us all a special cat, because our Moritz lived in him on.
You loved being on the terrace,
on the garden chair to sitting or in a basket on the table.
But you were getting sick poor sweetheart,
in the last half year then came another autoimmune disease and a hyperthyroidism.
You could not hold yourself anymore, and we quarreled our destiny.
But for you it was a redemption.
My Father was for you, his best friend and you loved that Bedroom.
You you've been understood with everyone cat in the last few years.
Rest in peace Moses, we miss you. Now you are in heaven.

GCCF CH Silverdance Paris Blues
Silverdance Paris Blues
war sold to UK - Kathleen Wilson

My sweety Paris, you was our sunshine,
ervery active and could purrs so wonderful.
My lovely Paris died on 24th November 2017 at 9:20 p.m. greenwhich time.
After many questions, I learned that she died of a Mycoplasma infection . The veterinarian reacted far too late.
She could have been saved if she immediately got Doxycycline and possibly Prednisolone .
The pain is very deep for me as a breeder.
Rest In Peace little sunshine, you have always been so funny with us.
Now you are with the others and a free angel ..

CFA CH/GEC Silverdance Alice
Silverdance Alice

A stone in the ureter damaged your kidneys.
We could not help you, the poisoning went way too quickly.
Alice our baby, you were the first Silverdance Persian born by us.
You were a wonderful mother, have adopted and raised babies.
Now I can not longer hear you munching when you play with your mouse at night and bring it to my bed.
Rest in peace little angel Alice, we miss you!

Silverdance Paul n'Rock
Silverdance Paul N'Rock

After a long and serious illness our Paul lost the fight forever.
He had not tolerated the re-vaccination in September 2016.
Paul grew up more and more, until he was in February 2017 seriously ill
and did not recover from it.

Ah Lord, let your dear angels
at my final hour carry my soul
to Abraham’s bosom,
while my body in its narrow chamber
gently without pain or torment
rests until the last day.
Wake me then from death,
so that my eyes see you
in all joy,o God’s son,
my saviour and throne of mercy
Lord Jesus Christ, hear me,
I shall praise you eternally!

My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance
My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance

Da ei Réquiem sempiternam. 
Our beautiful blue-smoke Persian boy
My Fantasy's Blue Ice Sensation of Silverdance
Went today over the rainbow bridge.

We are so sad and full of pain. BlueIce, you were a fantastic loving male, you love to sit on my lap and tread. You understood every word.
Our dear BlueIce, you are forever in our heart, you are with us in the garden.
Rest in peace my angel BlueIce - Da ei Réquiem sempiternam.

Silverdance Amadeus of Danmoso
Silverdance Amadeus of Danmoso
was sold to UK - Cattery Danmoso

Silverdance North Ice of Mossen's
Silverdance North Ice of Mossen's
was sold to Sweden - Cattery Mossen

We missed you from the 1st day on, as you moved in the cattery to Mossen Osnes in Sweden.
Mossen Osnes wanted you for her breeding program.
Oh, I would have rather listened to my belly feeling ... and had again taken you back with me.
Your flight back to Germany was booked.
Why only did she allowed, that you could eat plants and flowers?
Why didn´t she drive in the animal hospital to Stockholm, to help you?

Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance
Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance

Our beautiful tortie-smoke Persian girl Estagel Candygirl of Silverdance
Has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We are so sad. Candy, you were a fantastic mom, you adopted our baby "Princess" a few years ago.
You had a sweet temptation, you love to sit on my arm and to make milkstep.
Our dear Candy, you are forever in our hearts, you are with us in the garden.
Rest in peace my angel Candy - You are our little star in the sky.

Silverdance Pia Women & Silverdance Orchidée
Silverdance Pia Women & Silverdance Orchidée

two little angels went to early from us

Silverdance My Fair Lady of Tukaz
Silverdance My Fair Lady of Tukaz
was sold to Norway - Cattery Tukaz

Silverdance Nightingale
Silverdance Nightingale
*15.07.2013 - †23.09.2013

our baby must died through the vaccine Fevaxyn i-CHP.

Silverdance Angelina
Silverdance Angelina
*27.05.2005 - †12.10.2005

Our baby left us to early. She had the Limping Kitten Syndrome through the vaccine.

Moritz von Bodenteich
Moritz von Bodenteich
*03.08.1986 - †03.06.2002