CFA Champion /
TICA Champion /
Europe Champion /
Kitten- and Juniorchampion
Silverdance Sweet Ice Princess



Silverdance Sweet Ice Princess, a tortie-smoke Persian female, was born at 06.07.2011

The proud parents are

Felidae e.V. - Bremen / Germany - 3./4.12.2011
Kitten 3-6 months

4x excellent 1
Best Variety - Best SMOKE Persian with 5 months!!!

Princess is now KittenChampion!!!

5 months old

Beginn of February 2012 we decided that our Princess
will stay with us.

Together with Silverdance Jewel will certainly enrich our breeding program.

9 months old

Our Princess has born at 22th July four healthy SMOKE babies in a super easy birth. She made her job as mother fantastic together with our Candy, she had on the same day her birth and give me 2 SMOKE babies.

Catfriends of Germany / CFA SHOW
24./25.11.2012 - Niedernhausen, Germany

Silverdance Sweet Ice Princess is now CFA Champion!!

Felidae e.V. / Bremen / Germany
01./02.12.2012 / 1 year 5 months old

Best Variety 
(Best Smoke Persian)
2x nominated for Best in Show

Felidae e.V. / Hannover / Germany
25.01.2013 / 1 Jahr und 6,5 months old

2x Best Variety
2x nominated for Best in Show
Best in Show

Felidae e.V. / Rostock / Germany
20.04.2013 / 1 Jahr und 9,5 months old

Special Award
2x nominated for Best in Show
Best in Show

Felidae e.V. / Hannover / Germany
24./25.01.2014 / 2 years und 6,5 months old

Best Variety
3x nominated for Best in Show
2x Best in Show

2 years und 8 months old

Princess is now Showcondition! Looking forward ....

6 years and 3 months old

6 years and 4 Monate old
Princess is our first TICA CHAMPION!

Felidae e.V. / Bremen 09.12.2017 / Germany
6 years and 5 months old

Felidae e.V. / Bremen/Germany 01.12.2018
7 years and 5 Monate old