CFA Champion /
Grand Europe Champion /
CFA Premior
Pele-Mele's Silver Sunshine on Ice
of Silverdance

Genotype a/a: red-smoke
(*28th May 2007 - †16th March 2022)


Pele-Mele's Silver Sunshine on Ice of Silverdance, ein Phenotype red‑shaded‑cameo, Genotype a/a: red-smoke, persian female, was born at 28th May 2007. Together with her brother, Pele-Mele's Silver IceBerry, she care grew up.

The proud parents are

On 23th December 2007 came our sweet Sunny to us. She loves to cuddle with us and join with me to sit on the computer.

7,5 months old

Sunny loves to play!

8,5 months old

KFND - Hannover / Germany -
1./2. March 2008

CFA-Champion on 30.03.2008
in Filderstadt / Germany

8x Best Color

10 months old

DELICAT - 13./14.12.2008
Buxtehude / Germany
2x Best Color
2x Best of Breed
2x nominated for Best in Show
2x Best in Show

2x Best of Best

Christmas Cat of the show

1 year and 6,5 months old

IRCC / Germany - 24.10.2009
2 years and 5 months

CFA-Show Haltern / Germany
05./06. December 2009 / 2 years and 6 months

6x Best Color
8x First Place

HEKC - 11/12.12.2010
3 years and 6 months

2x Best of Breed
2x Special Award
2x nominated for Best in Show
2x Best in Show

2x Best of Best

On 6th July 2011 it was finally, our Sunny has born her first baby in tortie-smoke. 
Her name is Silverdance Sweet Ice Princess

Felidae - 4.12.2011 - Bremen / Germany
4 years 6 months

Felidae - 27.01.2012 - Hannover / Germany
4 years 8 months

Felidae - 23./24.06.2012 - Hamburg / Germany
5 years 1 months

Our "Flumi" Sunny has birthday and is 7 years old!!
28th May 2014

CFA SHOW 02./03.08.2014 - Bremen - Germany

Sunny is now CFA Premior!

Olga Korotonoshkina - Ukraine
Best LH Premior
6th Best Cat

Peter Vanwonterghem
2nd Best LH Premior
7th Best Cat

Mary Auth - USA
2nd Best LH Premior
6th Best Cat

Pam DelaBar - USA
2nd Best LH Premior
8th Best Cat

Yanina Lukashova-Vanwonterghem - Belgium
2nd Best LH Premior

Jan Stevens - USA
2nd Best LH Premior

Pele-Mele's Silver Sunshine On Ice 
of Silverdance


Show Season 2014-2015:

6th Best Cat CFA Premiership / Smoke & Shaded Division Persian
** worldwide **

with only ONE CFA-Show:
August 2014


9 years and 6 months old

Felidae e.V. / Bremen / Germany - 09.12.2017
10 years and 7 months old

CPC e.V. / Hannover _ Germany - 02./03.02.2018
10 Jahre und 8 months old

Sunny says GOOD BYE from the show. Thanks to all judges, whom voted for Sunny.



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