International Champion
Remilakat Tuppence
of Silverdance

red-shaded-cameo (Agouti status Aa)

GCCF/CFA/TICA registered


Remilakat Tuppence of Silverdance, is a red-shaded-cameo Persian female. Ed Merchant, Cattery Remilakat in UK, entrusted the girl to me. Ed tested all littermates and the parents to see if they really were cameos.
He contacted me in July 2020 and he was convinced, like me, that a real cameo must have the agouti status AA or Aa. Everything else is red smoke because every smoke cat has the agouti status aa (non-agouti). He also wrote an article on the Cameo − Smoke − Pewter Breed, which he kindly made available to me in February 2021 and which I translated into German. I picked up Tuppence by car on October 9, 2021, due to corona in Calais / France. Ed took Tuppence through the Eurotunnel, everything went fine.
Of course I made a stop at Brenda and Silverdance Black Ice Rose in Belgium. Even if the time was very short I was warmly welcomed and we had two wonderful days. Thanks very much to Brenda that I was able to stay with her. Ed sent me lots of photos and videos of Tuppence, we call her Tuppy, all of which I am allowed to use.

7 weeks old

Her parents are MY FANTASY MAGIC, Red Shaded Cameo, (Carrier of Dilute), Agouti DNA Status A/a und REMILAKAT CLARA BARRTONN , Red Smoke, (Carrier of Dilute), Agouti Status a/a.

11 weeks old

Tuppennce of her 1. GCCF Show

Show certificate: GCCF CELEBRATION SHOW 14.08.21. / Linda Martin
Absolutely stunning Red Shaded baby lady with wonderful balanced head with the neatest of tiny well spaced ears, large round eyes of a muddy hue, promising the best of orange as she matures. Perfectly rounded head with lovely fat full cheeks, short balancing broad nose and a excellent depth of full chin and perfect bite. Excellent cobby low body with strong bone and very neat little paws. Beautifully presented silver flowing coat shaded with red and the dearest arching proud fluffy tail to finish her picture off. What a sweetie, definitely one for my pocket!

The first pictures by us at home.

6 months old

7 months old

Felidae e.V. - Hamburg/Germany
03.-05.06.2022 / - 1 year and 2 months old -

After long time, through Corona, was "Tuppence" of her 1st Show in Germany. She lost the Best in Show against our red female
IC Cleyniko's Fairy Tale of Silverdance.

Special Award
3x nominated for Best in Show
Cat Lottery: 3rd Place - 52,5 points of 60
She is now International Champion

Felidae Show - Bremen - Germany
04.12.2022 - 1,5 years old

Best Variety
2x nominated for Best in Show
Best in Show Langhair Female (BLH, PER)




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